Let’s be honest for one minute, everyone wants to be famous on Facebook. For some people they simply want their experiences in life, to be shared among the masses. Some people have valuable content that they wish to share on Facebook. Meanwhile others want to be famous on Facebook so that they can promote a product or service. Unfortunately, some people choose to fake Facebook likes to increase their popularity. The problem with buying fake likes is that it may look attractive to have a large amount of likes, but it will ultimately hurt your chances of gaining more likes.
This is because fake likes affect what’s known as a page’s ‘Edge Rank’. Said in simpler terms, having a high Edge Rank means you have a lot of activity going on, on your page. Meanwhile having a low Edge Rank means that your page experiences little to no activity. Having a high Edge Rank is important for several reasons. But the most important reason why you want a high Edge Rank is that more of your posts, will appear within your follower’s news feed. If you have a low Edge Rank, only a very small percentage of your friends/followers will see your posts.

Does Buying Facebook Likes Actually Work?

Yes and No. As stated before if you purchase fake likes, your page will not experience any engagement from the likes that come from a bot or spam account such as (shares, comments and post likes). Instead, you will experience a low Edge Rank and your posts will not be seen in the newsfeed of the friends and followers of your page.

But, if you purchase real Facebook likes that are being made by real people, not only will they like your page, they will interact with it and increase your Edge Rank, which means that more and more of your friends/followers will see your posts. In addition to this, due to the fact that the company advertises their client’s pages on their own set of popular Facebook pages and websites, you will gain new followers who will share your posts and thus, bring you more likes and followers without much effort on your part.